Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade has grabbed the spotlight in the gaming world due to its vivid graphics and amazing gameplay. It is a strategy based game that offers eight different civilizations that come with unique heroes. Players can take part in real-time battles happen on the map. They can join and leave these battles whenever they want. There are many other tasks that they can perform to make progress quickly.

First of all, players need to select a nation, and then they should start completing various quests and objectives. These quests will help them to get different rewards. Players can also join alliances to get additional gift chests. It is important to pick an active alliance to enjoy numerous perks.

  1. Upgrade all the buildings

Players should upgrade the city hall on a daily basis to acquire new buildings. Every building should be upgraded to its max level. And that’s why most of the players try to upgrade all the buildings perfectly, and then they head over to the city hall. With the help of this, players can easily make progress and complete all the preparations for a new upgrade level. Every building has a max level for its upgrade, and you need to attain it before going to make improvements to your city hall.

  1. Complete quests

The different types of quests are available in the game that you can access from the quill tab. You can find this tab on the left side of the screen. Perform all the tasks to complete the quests properly, and then you will be rewarded with some in-game resources and currencies. With the help of the side as well as the main quests, players can focus on the vital tasks of the game. Stick to the quest tab instead of paying attention to every task. Try to complete the daily objectives to gain activity points as well as other rewards. Gaining some activity points can help to unlock the various types of chests by using Rise Of Kingdoms Hack.

  1. Upgrade your commanders

At the initial stage, you can access only one commander, but later you have an option to gather more commanders for your kingdom. It is crucial to upgrade these commanders because it can help you in many ways. You can send one commander with your troops to fight against the opponents. On the other hand, you should also leave one commander at home in order to defend your wall. Upgrading the commanders is not possible without having commander sculptures. These can also be used to unlock new skills and to level up the commanders.

  1. Spend gems smartly

Needless to mention, currencies have a vital role, and you should understand this aspect carefully. Gems are the rarest currency that should be used carefully. Make use of gems only for leveling up your VIP level to enjoy several benefits. It will give you different kingdom-building benefits and an opportunity to open up the daily chest with VIP level rewards. Grab these rewards and then make use of them to enhance your progress level.

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