Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade, a strategy game with enormous content and impressive gameplay. The entire gameplay is based on developing an ultimate kingdom and attacking the kingdoms of others. All players need to do is to train the troops, collecting resources, upgrading buildings, and choosing the right civilization. Make the right use of in-game resources to upgrade buildings. It is also important to make all the other improvements to gain the desired success in the game.

Resources can be stolen by attacking other kingdoms, or you can also collect them by completing various tasks. Train your troops regularly to take the benefits during the battles. Recruit more troops to protect your kingdom from attacks of enemies.

Have a high level of buildings

The main goal of the players is to build an ultimate kingdom for which they must have a high level of buildings. It is important for players to upgrade these buildings from time to time. The different types of buildings are available that you need to build in your kingdom. Well, the city hall is the main building that provides new army commanders. Also, build a farm to produce the required food for your kingdom.

With the help of food, you can make your army strong and get many other amazing benefits. Build the storehouse to store food that you produce. Focus on building other buildings like alliance center and academy to get plentiful benefits.

Make the right use of gems

Gems have great importance, and that’s why players should always use them smartly while playing the game. They shouldn’t waste the gems on unnecessary things because saving gems can help them later. Try to save gems for the advanced stages in order to get support. Use these gems to upgrade the buildings in an emergency. Never try to waste gems because you can’t acquire them in an easy manner. Try to complete the missions that offer gems as rewards. Complete all the missions one by one and start collecting gems to improve your progress by using Rise Of Kingdoms Hack 2020

Make your kingdom powerful

To face the enemy attacks, players need to build a powerful kingdom. Make sure the army and building levels are suitable for the level of your city hall. Try to keep upgrading all the buildings in your kingdom to make it powerful. Never forget to attack the buildings of others because it helps to get more food, gold, and other resources. With the right use of these resources, players can make the right upgrades in no time. It is also important to upgrade the troops and army along with the buildings in your kingdom. Upgrade the commanders and get help from them to protect your kingdom.


Building an ultimate empire is not possible without having good knowledge about the basics of the game. Make sure you have completed the tutorial and learn the tactics to play the game with perfection. After this, start implementing the abovementioned tips to develop a powerful kingdom and be a winner.


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