Building your own kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade is an interesting aspect. Players can do it with fun, but dealing with the complications to make progress is tough. Beginners should always start with the tutorial phase to learn how to play the game with perfection. After this, they can take part in the real-time battles to show their skills. They can also try to put their best possible efforts to build an ultimate empire by setting up different buildings.

Choose the best civilization from the different options available in the game. Many other activities are out there on which players need to pay equal attention to level up faster. They should find an active alliance in order to join into avail different resources in the form of rewards.

Follow the crucial tips!

Playing Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade is little bit tricky, but you can make it possible with the help of some effective tips and good strategies. Some of the beneficial tips are explained here to assist newbies for playing the game in a better way.

  • Complete missions – A ton of missions are out there in which players can take part to accomplish them. These missions are classified into several groups – daily missions, regular campaign missions, and special objectives. With the help of these missions, players will be rewarded with great prizes and also boost up their progress speed. Just enjoy the rewards because the missions will be completed automatically while playing the game.
  • Train your troops – Troops can be sent to the battlefield with commanders. It is important for players to train troops to enhance their skills. Train your troops regularly to win battles. With the help of logging in the game, you can collect trained troops to start a new batch. Try to recruit new troops in order to start the heavy battles. In addition to this, it may also help to defend against incoming attacks.
  • Explore with scouts – Some players forget about scouts while playing the game. It may also fall them into a troublesome situation. Well, scouts play an important role because earlier, they help in revealing the entire map. Put your scouts to work in order to get maximum rewards. It is also helpful for increasing the rewards offered by different missions as well as events.

Implementing all these tips and tricks can help beginners to reach the advanced stages in no time. You can also make the best possible use of these tips to get assistance in making progress faster.

Make all the upgrades smartly

Many buildings take more time than usual to finish upgrades, but you can speed up the process in many ways. Avoid using gems because you can improve the upgrading speed of these items with the help of different speed up items as well as alliance aid. Upgrade all the buildings to its max and then take your steps further for making improvements to the city hall.

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