Lilith Games has launched a new mobile title, Rise of Kingdoms Lost Crusade, with lots of interesting gameplay elements and features. The game has a good rating on the app store that reflects how much love it is gaining. Millions of game enthusiasts are crazy to play this game and take part in the different quests offered by it. Take part in different quests and challenges to win exciting rewards and then use them to increase your progress speed.

Start with the tutorial mode to know about the gameplay and basics. After this, implement the basic tips and enjoy the gameplay without struggling with hassles. You need to set up various types of structures to build an ultimate kingdom. Try to gain the required resources to accomplish every task and to grow your kingdom with Rise Of Kingdoms Cheats.

Try to claim your rewards

Getting progress quickly is not possible without gaining several resources that you can acquire in the form of rewards. Many tasks and challenges come with amazing rewards that you should claim on time. Apart from the quests, many other achievements can be seen that offer plentiful rewards. Never try to skip claiming these rewards. If you are on the home screen on the game, then you can check your rewards on the top right corner. By tapping on it, you will get a list of the rewards that you can claim by completing different achievements.

Gather outside resources

Players will get some exploration options while sending the commander and troops on adventures. They have various options to acquire rewards in the game that they need to check carefully. They can either opt to fight groups of barbarians or go for other resource deposits. With the help of choosing any of the options, they can gather resources for the kingdom. Try to put your commander and troops to complete the tasks, whether you are sending them to collect goods or not. By keeping this tip in mind, players can survive longer and get success at every stage.

Don’t forget to recruit new troops

While sending your commander into the battle, he shouldn’t be alone because it is crucial to send troops with him. Recruit new troops to help the commander during the battles. Make upgrades to archery range, stable, and barracks because these are really important in the game. Never forget to upgrade and train these buildings to get the best out of them. To know why it is important to recruit new troops, you should keep your eye on the results. It will help you to defeat the barbarians and complete the battles quickly. Make a viable strategy to win the battles and to make other improvements to your kingdom.

Join an active alliance

When you decide to join an alliance, then you should look for the one that is active. These alliances already have a good number of members that can provide you with plenty of benefits. You can get the help of these members while building your structures as well as the entire kingdom.

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